"How to Sell More"  Masterclass
for Small Businesses

Wednesday 7th February
Holiday Inn, Watford

Without Sales, Your Business Will Fail
Without More Sales, Your Business Won't Grow
Earn Far More, More Easily & Much More Consistently
with Professional Sales Skills

Are you concerned your business isn't achieving its true potential?
Do you know your sales approach is less effective than it should be?
Full Day Training Course

Introduce Professional Sales & Marketing
to Transform Your Business !!

You know it will rapidly increase income ...
but it also removes doubt, inconsistency & fear

What you'll learn
Structure Your Marketing and Sales Process
   - Know what to accomplish at each stage.
   - Understand Specifics Relating to YOUR Business.
Be FAR More Persuasive: Employ Psychology
   - Overcome Common Fears of Business Owners and those New to Sales.
   - Become a FEARLESS Sales Machine!  (an ethical, non-aggressive one).
   - Influence Prospective Clients using the MOST Powerful Techniques
Learn the Greatest Secret About Selling Online
   - THE SECRET Online Marketers NEVER Tell You.
   - THE SECRET You Must Learn to Become Successful.
Plus, You'll leave with practical documentation showing you how to:
   - Draw Customers to You, instead of you chasing them: 
                 Be the Flame, Not the Moth

   - Make them want your product above any other.
     No 'closing' needed - they'll ask to buy!
More importantly
You'll discover how Selling Ethically Delivers More Effective, Consistent & Lucrative Results

Full Day "How to Sell More" Masterclass with Steve McCafferty
(Free or Affordable*)
*Discounted so heavily that price won't be an issue
"Your Business Has Far Greater
Income Potential Than You Imagine!"

How Can I Say That?
After all, I don't know your business do I?
Although that's true, underpinning what we teach are literally hundreds of examples (from practically every industry) where businesses:
   - Changed their approach to sales/marketing
   - Grew over 50% within 12 months
        - One grew from $20k to $13m in 15 months!
        - One small change grew sales 500% overnight
          That change took 3-4 minutes!
Want to know if these changes will work for your company?
Attend the course to find out

And what about your aspirations - I can't know what they are?
Again you're right.
That said, I'm yet to meet a small business owner with true aspirations for their business that aren't even close to what I can immediately see as achievable within less time than they can imagine.

Your Host
Steve McCafferty will welcome you on the day, sharing knowledge, skills and anecdotes from his highly-successful 24 year career as a sales professional.

Before moving into sales, he designed complex computer systems; this included training non-technical audiences. He knows how to simplify material to make it easy to understand, remember and apply.

Whether you're a complete beginner or experienced in sales you're in safe hands

Woven into the sales skills you'll learn are specialist techniques from Steve's 36 years of psychology experience. Since becoming a practicing psychotherapist in 1981, he consistently applied psychology to every aspect of life - including the sales and marketing techniques he teaches.

Still Unsure If You Should Attend?
If any of the following are you,
then you should DEFINITELY ATTEND

   - You're unsure if you can sell successfully - or at all
     Don't worry, this is a common fear.
   - You're not certain about which marketing method is best for you
     That's understandable: too many choices all claim they're the perfect fit.
   - You're an expert in your field, not a salesperson
… and clients aren't all beating down your door demanding you sell to them.
   - You just launched a new business and don't know how to successfully market or sell
   - You have an established business that keeps the wolves from the door - at least for now.
     But you want more - income, consistency and security.
   - You're doing great, but know there's more - if you only knew how
   - You're professionally trained in sales/marketing

     This training is unique - not available anywhere else.
     Learn it to get the edge over your competition - or fall any competitor who's also attending.
Do Not Attend If:
   - You won't consider implementing what you learn
Seats are limited at these events, so we'd rather you stay on your sofa and free up a seat for
      someone willing to invest the time in themselves to learn and reap the amazing rewards on offer.
   - You know everything already
      If you have no room for growth, attending is a waste of your time - and a seat valuable to
      someone who is open to new, exciting possibilities.
   - You aren't a business owner, starting a business soon or working in sales
      Starting a business or moving into sales means you've already taken action toward a career
      involving self-reliance. That bravery means you're someone who takes action and believes
      in yourself (even if you doubt it sometimes).
On 7th February 2018
The "How to Sell More" Masterclass is at
Hilton Hotel
Elton Way, Watford, WD25 8HA
Register from 8am
Network with other entrepreneurs

9.00am - 4.3
A FULL day with lots to learn
What Should I Bring?
   - Notebook and Pen
     Laptop/tablet if preferred

   - A willingness to take action
     to dramatically change your future
   - Maybe a business-owner friend
     (must register separately)
     That way you'll both have a friend to
     support you when implementing the
     amazing things you'll learn on the day

Steve McCafferty
Founder of Lead2Gold Limited, Steve used his prolific experience in different fields to create a company with a unique set of products and courses.
His company was created specifically to help small and medium enterprises.
Lead2Gold services and training courses combine skills and techniques from his very successful 24 year sales career and 36 years researching & practicing psychology / psychotherapy.
His insatiable appetite for knowledge and innovation led him to combine several apparently disconnected areas to create a cohesive approach to successful sales and marketing.
To further enhance Lead2Gold's capability, for 7 years he researched hugely successful businesses, collecting c.800 examples of how they grew revenues dramatically (at least 50% in 12 months).
A true 'Maven', Steve is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others to help them benefit from what has researched and successfully applied.
This event is packed with
the following day

Elton Way
WD25 8HA
(Click map to open Google Maps)
Wednesday 7th February
Registration:   8.00 am
Doors Open:   9.00 am
Finish:             4.30 pm
1 Sheffield Street, WC2A 2AP
Attending this Masterclass
will be a DEFINING MOMENT for you

- One you literally cannot afford to miss
1. You'll learn from a hugely successful sales professional (£238m)
That's not a total, it's an average: £238m per year - he knows this stuff.
He knows how to present information into easy-to-understand, easy-to-remember packages so you'll
understand precisely what to do - wherever you are on your business journey.
2. Gold to take away
Training professionals refer to golden nuggets: the magical information you take away that makes the training course worth it's weight in gold.
This day is packed with them, BUT you must attend to discover those that will benefit your business most.
Our personal guarantee: if you don't attend, you'll not receive any gold nuggets! Not a single one, and that would be a tragedy for you and your business.
3. You'll love the day and want to implement everything on your return
In addition to his 'day job', Steve researches like a crazy person: always seeking more effective ways to improve everything he does.
His passion will be evident on the day and you'll enjoy every minute of it. If you don't love the day's training, he will have failed - and Steve doesn't fail in anything he's so passionate about!
4. It might be FREE for you!
You only have to pay attention!
No money, bucks, dough, bread, tamales, scratch, moolah, luca, paper, scrilla, scrill, stash, chips, cake, cabbage, benjamin, loot, smackers or spondulix ..!
Even if you do pay, prices are RIDICULOUSLY CHEAP!
This is part of Steve's commitment to help even the smallest businesses thrive: huge discounts apply so everyone can afford to attend.
From ONLY £29
That's less than you'd pay to attend a couple of 2 hour networking meetings that can't deliver anything like the immediate and ongoing value for your business that this will.

Imagine combining 60 years experience
from several related subjects into
one single training package

How incredibly impactful will be the results
of the training for those who attend?

This was the challenge faced when carefully crafting the content of this day.
The following analogy (borrowed from the BBC) sums up the day:
If skills from regular sales training were described as

Professional Sales Masterclass is a

Treat yourself to a quad-shot espresso to liven up your day!
... and your business!!

But Seriously for a Moment
This is the only place you can receive this training
The BIG RED Button leads you to a world of POSSIBILITIES
What you'll learn will make you Dramatically Readjust Your Aspirations

Final Chance ...

A FULLY-STOCKED day of Sales Expertise
Specifically Designed to Grow Businesses Like Yours

You'd be crazy to miss out wouldn't you?

Find out if you're eligible for a FREE Ticket
before others beat you to the strictly limited number available

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